The Encoder is Buggy

Wen i wil change the Video, or Audio Bitrate, Shotcut les the old,
this funtion not. I use Windows 7 64 Bit SP1, without Updates.

You didn’t give any information that would help.

OK, so you need to tell :

  • Shotcut version : ?

  • What’s you project about. If you try opening a simple clip (give his caracteristics), add it to the timiline and then export it, what settings do you want to change?

  • What is you “mode video” (by defaut) setting in the top menu ? Did you tried to put it as close as the caracteristics you want ?
    Then note that when you change the export settings, it overwrite it

PS : why not updating WIN7 ?

I have a Clip from The GH5 3840*2160_25P Quicktime I Frame Only 422 10Bit 400Mb/s,
this funktion good in The Programm. I wil export standard settings funtion, wen i change
the settings MP4 H264 100Mb/s Audio AAC 510Kb/s, Shotcut wil not Change,
i can cange, the File has an other Bitrate, the Change Function is Buggy.

I miss the Ajustement for the Renderquality ?

Difficult to understand what you are trying to say.

Try the YouTube preset.

OK, so you want to go from 400 to 100 Mbits, that’s it?

When you export at 100 in the Constant Bit Rate mode, what is the result ?

PS : Some explanations on how FFMEG encode here :

The Youtube Preset has not a good Quality, i wil 100Mb/s.

Seems perfectly fine to me.
But again, we aren’t clear what you are doing/wanting

I’m guessing the OP has this camera:

Page 33 of :
Page 166: “Motion pictures in 4:2:2/10 bit format are intended for editing on a computer used for video production. As Such, they are not supported by TV’s, recorders, and players manufactured by Panasonic.

According to Microsoft you need one of two formats to decode YUY2, UYVY. I’m not sure which format is available on Shotcut.

The computer might not be up to snuff for processing the video. Guessing from “without Updates” sounds like it’s pretty old. The OP doesn’t share any real information about the computer.
"CPU: x86-64 Intel or AMD; at least one 2 GHz core for SD, 2 cores for HD, and 4 cores for 4K."
OP might be trying to process 4k video on an older computer.

I have the Dell Precision T3400 and the Geforce GT610 and 8GB Ram.

That seems short for 4K…

Definitely great patience needed to edit any video on that machine :slight_smile:

I have updatet with an Quad Core processor, for 4k, also UHD, is the CUDA.

I have make a new Computer with i9 18 Cors and Intel Chipset and Windows 8.1,
the Program make the same Bullshit, tin is an unusable Programm. With Edius and
Premiere, i can make the adjustments, the File has this.