Text: Simple - strange behaviour

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Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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Repeatable. Steps:

  1. Open Other / Generator / Color Transparent
  2. Add: Text: Simple filter
    Font: Ubuntu Mono Bold
    Use font size = unchecked
    Position 200/520
    Size 1520/50
    Horizontal fit Left
    When entering the text “Loading…” the first dot is displayed ok, but the 2nd and 3rd goes left and not right (they are behind the characters “g” and “n”).

Please note that this strange text printing concern only some fonts. Ex. Arial Regular is displayed normally. I didn’t make enough testing but I have impression that it concerns only mono family fonts. When use font size is checked then this problem disappears and everything is displayed correctly.

Ex. “Loading game” finishing with that that space is not displayed at all, and both -g g- are overlapped (one behind another).

I did not reproduce it with the Flatpak:

But I did with the portable. This filter uses Qt for text, and this might be due to how we built Qt 5.15.3 for portable, AppImage, and Snap while Flatpak uses a new, patched Qt from its KDE runtime. We are in the middle of migrating to Qt 6.4, and I did not reproduce it there. But I am using Qt’s SDK binaries for development instead of our own build. I have not yet determined if we will try to build our own based on an Ubuntu 18.04 base (as we do today) or use their binaries, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04.

This is fixed in our migration to Qt 6. However, that might be delayed and not the next release due to issues we are running into it.