Text: Simple seems to have extra line breaks

This may have been addressed elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any references from search.

Shotcut 19.10.20 on Windows 7 and 10, although this has applied to all Shotcut versions I’ve used within the last two years.

When adding a Text: Simple filter and entering some text that includes line breaks, the spacing between lines seems twice as tall as expected (twice as tall as a word processor using the same font). Is there any chance the text entry box is converting Windows CR/LF into LF/LF and creating two line breaks instead of one? If that’s the problem, is there a way to change behavior without breaking the rendering of previous project files?

Is there a workaround to achieve multi-line text that doesn’t look double-spaced? To make things even more ironic, I’m using a font called “Ubuntu” from fonts.google.com if anyone wants to exactly replicate my environment. :slight_smile:


Withdrawn. Now that I’m taking more notes across more fonts, this issue seems to affect some fonts more than others. So maybe it’s my font choice rather than the rendering.

Fonts define a leading (i.e. line spacing rule) because each one can have different heights to their descenders (parts of characters that fall below the baseline). Often, text layout software allows adjustment of leading, but not Text:Simple filter. You can use CSS in the Text:HTML filter.

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