Text: Rich Triggers Modification Asterisk By Simple Selection

Shotcut version 21.10.31

Start a project and put any kind of clip on V1 but on V2 put a transparent clip and add the Text: Rich filter to it. Click off of the V2 clip and on to the V1 clip. Save your project as an mlt file. Now from the V1 clip click on the transparent clip with the Text: Rich filter on V2. This will trigger an * on the upper left of the window where the name of the project is as if something was modified even though all that was done was selecting the clip with the Text: Rich filter.

@shotcut, @brian, have either of you reproduced this?

Please do not nag.

I don’t nag and asking if you were able to reproduce a bug more than 2 weeks after I posted this thread is not nagging.

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OK, to answer your question: no, I have not tried. This is low priority for me, and I place this bug report in line behind all of the unresolved posts in #bug.

Okay. Cool. :slightly_smiling_face:

I recreated this.

I spent two hours on it and did not find a simple solution.

I agree with Dan - it is low priority. I will mark is as “accepted”, but I think it is unlikely that I will come back to try to fix it again.

Note to future self: The modification is triggered by the VUI making calls to filter.set() during initialization.