Text:Rich filter VUI visible on selected clip, with playhead in different location

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Windows 10

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Have 1 clip on the timeline
Split the clip in at least 2 sections.
Apply Text:Rich Filters (I actually copy/pasted from clip 1 to clip 2).
When the clip is selected, the VUI shows.
Move playhead to the 2nd clip.
Both Rich text filters show in the preview.

This will happen each time the clip is selected with Text:Rich in the top most filter position.

Source MLT
Rich Text VUI.mlt (11.3 KB)

This has come up before, and there was an attempt to fix it that introduced a different problem and had to be reverted. I have not found a solution for this; it is a rather difficult problem.

It seems to me it playes a role which clip in the timeline is selected. So the filter from the actual position and the selected clip will show up. If you deselect the second clip in the last picture, i guess text from clip2 will dissapear - try it? If you just select the same clip the playhead is on, everything will probably be o.k. But anyway a nasty effect…

Je ne sais pas si cela peut vous aider pour les versions V21, mais j’ai résolu ce problème sur ma V20.09 en ajoutant cette ligne dans le vui.qml

I don’t know if this will help you for V21 versions, but I solved this problem on my V20.09 by adding this line in the vui.qml
In Connections / target: producer / onPositionChanged:

videoItem.visible = rectangle.enabled && filter.get('disable') !== '1'


This is fixed for the next release.