Text: Rich Filter & Multiple Video Layers Conflict

What is your operating system?
Windows 11 Home

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
21.09.20 64-bit

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Create a project with the Vertical HD 60 FPS video mode.
Have any number of video layers, but have a clip in the top-most layer with the Text: Rich filter applied. Place any clip in video layers below.
When viewed with the the top clip having the Text: Rich filter; the lower layers do not appear.
When you remove the Text: Rich filter from the top-most clip you can see the lower layers again.
Exporting with the Text: Rich filter applied to the top most clip still keeps the lower layers invisible.
When Exporting with the Text: Rich filter removed from the top-most clip, the lower layers appear again.

This is not exactly the bug you described. It is normal that when the aspect ratios of the clips do not match, it the shows the clip on the lower track. Here is an example that has nothing to do with filters or Text: Rich.

If you want to get rid of that you can add the Crop: Rectangle filter to the clip on top:

In fact, it is Text: Rich that is altering this normal behavior, which may be considered a bug. However, in your case you can also use the bug as a feature (Tex: Rich with empty text) to hide the clip on the lower track.

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Oh no, I must have said it wrong. I know the clip will show in the background, that was my plan since this was going to tiktok and yt shorts. It was the fact that text: rich was removing the background clip that was the issue. Since I had to remove the text to get it to export with both layers showing. But the text was a minor edit, so no harm done removing it. Thanks for responding.

Workaround: put Text: Rich on a transparent color clip on a video track higher than the video clips.

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Yep, already did that in the next project i worked on after that one. Going to be doing that for all my projects, vertical or not, since it was easier than using the filter. :+1:

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Just an observation…

For such a minimal amount of text, it may be a lot easier to use Text:Simple. Text:Rich is pretty much for text that is way too long to fit in Text:Simple, or for special text coloring/formatting.

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