Text jitters when exported

Windows 10

(mind the anime, I do apologise)

As demonstrated above, some of my text jitters when exported. All of the first text is in the same clip; the jittering text font is Raleway at 50pt (this font isn’t native to windows). I have no issue using the exact same font at different size elsewhere in the video, and in preview it does not happen. How do I fix this?

Does the problem go away if you turn off Export > Advanced > Parallel processing?
Can you provide the steps or a small project file that has the problem?

Ah nevermind, it looks like it was caused by the font. I downloaded a different copy of Raleway to test if it was the problem and it stopped.

hey !

i was having a similar issue…

after exporting, some texts were either jittering or the font size was incorrect…

to the best of my understanding : the jittering appeared to be caused by the font style alternating back and forth between Regular and Light once the sliding motion was over…

after testing a few alternatives, i got the results i was aiming for by changing the “font name” + font style combination… instead of choosing “Nunito” + Light, i tried “Nunito ExtraLight” + Regular… and it worked like a charm…

thanks for this great app by the way… much appreciated ! :heart:

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