Text File Not Displaying on Second Track Depending On Position

I create a text file by Open Other> Text, and put in a little text.
Then I save it, and give it a name, and it gets listed as a Preset.

I open a new project, create a track, and drop a video clip onto it.
Then I create another track, where I want to use the saved text, by doing Open Other> Text, select the text from the Preset and drop it onto the track.

If the text is dropped onto the top track, it seems to work. If dropped onto a track below, it doesn’t show.

This is not a bug.

When the text is put on the upper track it shows because it is on top of the video that is on the lower track.
If you place the video on an upper track and place text on a track below the video, the video on the upper track is covering the text. Therefore the text will not show.

This is the way video editors work. The upper track will always cover a lower track.



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Thanks for the clarification

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