Text Embedded

On a few of my slides, i have text embedded in a few slides and can NOT be removed via the text filter tool.
Can you help?

Is the text embedded from a filter you applied in Shotcut, or something in your original footage?

If the text is embedded into the video itself, then you will have to selectively edit it out. If you are talking about a few frames of action, you could convert the video to a series of pictures, edit the offending pictures with GIMP or other software, then convert back. Yes, very time intensive.

But you mentioned “slides” - perhaps slides of something like a PowerPoint? I had a situation like this where I needed to edit out some text that was showing incorrectly in two or three slides. I was able to grab a frame of a slide that did not have text, and overlay that as a video track on top of the offending slides. I used a mask so that the “still picture” only replaced the portion where the offending text was.

I am not sure how clear that is to describe … once I figured out how to do it, it did not take very long to do in several places in the video.

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