Text doesn't appear when applying on media

As you can see down below, Text doesn’t show up when applying! I’ve tried like 99% of the suggestions posted here but they have all seemed to fail. I’ve made sure the software version is the latest and still couldn’t get it on.

Is there a way to fix this? = (

Your screenshot shows that the target clip is not selected, Trackhead selected. Applying text to the Trackhead works fine to me. I’m using version 19.4.30. If that happens save project and re-open. This may work. Applying text to individual clip works or not ?
First select that clip then add text filter. To appear text on project player you need to put playhead over that clip where text filter is applied.

Thanks a lot for your reply!
The problem doesn’t seem to be solved with saving and re-opening!
Also, I’ve come across many suggestions concerning this problem that clips have to be selected first, playhead where it needs to be, which I’ve made sure I do every time I apply the text filter. Problem persists!

So, You are using audio clip. I put audio clip on video track then applied text filter and also 3D HTML text, it doesn’t show any text, even with the track head. Only Apply text to the master it works.
You p
@Ahmad you put only audio on that video clip, add image, video or solid color on that track then applying text to the trackhead works.
So, applying text filter to the audio on a video track does not work. I think it’s not a bug. But I want to draw attention to @shotcut about this issue. Thank you

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