Text changes size when transfering project from Mac to PC

When importing projects from my Mac onto my PC, text appears larger on the PC. This happens with Simple and Rich Text. I can repeat this problem with different projects and with different fonts.

MAC OS 14.3
Shotcut 24.01.31

Windows 10
Shotcut 24.01.28

Do both computer have the same screen resolution?

No. PC is 2560x1440. Mac is 3456x2234.

Well I’m no expert, but I bet that there is a big chance that this is your problem.

I set my PC to different screen resolutions then exported a frame from Shotcut. The text is the same size.

This will not solve this bug/issue, but rather a workaround.

Instead of leaving the text filter in place, hide all other tracks, and export the frame to PNG. Place this PNG where you would have the transparent text.

Example: (You can download this image and place it above all other tracks)

If I were to send you this MLT file, you would not be able to get the same result because you probably don’t have this font installed on any of your computers.

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