System codecs vs ffmpeg question

i’m interested in the edius grass valley codecs and am not seeing them in the presets or codecs list. i’m using linux so i assume i’m simply out of luck on my main system but i do have a windows system. were i to install these codecs in windows, would shotcut be able to make use of them? or, are the codecs shotcut uses baked into its system?


Shotcut relies on FFMpeg for its codecs. In some cases FFMpeg relies on 3rd party libraries. Shotcut bundles all its own dependencies. So the FFMpeg library provided by Shotcut needs to be configured with the 3rd party libraries in order for them to work in Shotcut.

I do not know if FFMpeg has support for Edius codecs.

thanks, brian. as far as i know, ffmpeg does not encode grass valley codecs.

thanks again,

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