Suspiciously Long Exporting Time

Hello so my Exporting Time is really long.

My Laptop has a I7-4710HQ 2.50 GHZ. 850M 2GB GPU 1TB of Space and 8 GB of RAM.

I tried using different Versions such as 18.08.01. 18.09.13. 18.09.15. and 18.09.16 And Exporting the Video still took a long time, the Video was between 38-40 Minutes long, I added on 3 segments of the Video a Video Fade In And Out, and the Video resolution was 1920 X 1080 and 30 FPS and the Codec Quality was at 100% Instead of the 60.

I even changed the Priorities of Shotcut.exe to Normal to Higher Than Normal etc, And I changed the QMelt Priority from Low and kept on testing till Realtime but well I did It too high and made my Laptop really slow and It froze than I force shut It down, tho It did show that the Video would take 9 Hours.

And then I tried to Export the Video again but this time having both Shortcut.exe and QMelt in the Task Manager on Normal Priority but It still took a long time, like after a few percentages It showed over 4 Hours, so I stopped Shotcut and started to use Windows Movie Maker same Video same everything except no fade out of fade ins and the Video was done exporting under a hour.

What strange is that Shotcut didn’t take 4 hours or even 9 hours to export a 38-40 Minute Video in the past for me.


Are you using the 64-bit version of Shotcut?
What is the project duration? It shows next to the timecode on the player control bar.
You can try using your NVIDIA GPU for encoding by choosing the h264_nvenc video codec.
There might be something in the project that is causing it to hang. Did you ever let it export to completion?
Did you ever try doing a simple performance test of opening a clip, exporting it, and noting the time? Then, post it here for comparison. User @nwgat made a set of scripts for performing benchmarks and a web site for posting and comparing them:


And yes I am using the 64-Bit Version of Shotcut since my Laptop is a 64-Bit System.

And the Project duration was 00:38:44:25 long.

I tried using my Nvidia GPU for Exporting the Video so heres a screenshot of the Time, Its at 7 Percent now and whent down 5 Minutes. And uh I changed the QMelt priority from Low to Normal since my Laptop can handle that. But I didn’t let this Video finish exporting because I sadly don’t have the time to wait 2+ hours. png

And no I didn’t let the Video complete Exporting since It was taking way too long, and I don’t know whats causing It to hang that long eiher.

And I did a simple performance test of opening a clip and exported It, but that Video was a little over 1 minute long which took 2 Minutes to export, I will link the Short Video. The Video

And I used the 30+ Minute Video but trimmed It down to 20 Minutes but even that is taking longer than It should.

Apologies If I wasn’t of much help to try and find out the problem on why my Exporting is taking longer than It should. [19-09-2018_13_57]

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