Support LRV as proxy

GoPro cameras when recording clips, always also register a low resolution version of each clip with LRV extension (stands for Low Resolution VIdeo, I suppose?).

Now, I know, because I tested it, that you can create Shotcut project using these LRV clips, and then:

  1. Close the Project
  2. Manually replace the low-res clips with hi0res ones (by renaming)
  3. Reopen the project
    then you can render the hi quality clip from this project.

But doing this manually is troublesome. I wish there was a checkbox on the Export dialog window, that if you check it, upon rendering all the *.LRV clips will be replaced with corresponding *.MP4 clips (if the location and name matches). So you don’t have to replace anything, when you work on project, you use LRV, but when you render, the MP4 hi-resolution clips are being actually used.

Or something similar to this?