Super Speed Effect HELP!

Hi, I’m new to the world of editing with just some basic knowledge. I’ve been using Shotcut for a few months now and am loving this software. I’ve been searching super speed tutorials in google and only found tutorials for After Effects. Was hoping to find tutorial for Shotcut but to no avail. Also where can I get SFX for the super speed? Can I mask a human figure without green screen? Can someone help me?

See non english starting guide. You’re french ? (“figure” means numbers :slight_smile: )
And for masking the head, use the filter the Mask, + select zone, blur it and then superpose over the normal clip (use multi track).
The problem is if the head moves a lot you will have to manually move the zone…

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For speed, just select a long clip.
Go to the properties panel.
Change speed to from 1 to 10 for ex
Press enter
Add to the timeline.

Figure as in human figure hahaha :rofl:
I’m not french.
too bad there isn’t any video tutorial for this.
I wanted to make it look like a person moves like Quicksilver with super speed. haha


I guess that what you are after, is a special/visual FX.
ShotCut allows some simplistic things that are not considered VFX in any way, are only simple Image mix compositions tools.

What you need is is a vectorial blur tool and an animated mask tool for alpha or chroma, if I did understood you correctly. Some of these tools are only available on dedicated VFX packs, like AfterEffects or Nuke.

Fear not, there are free options available, like Fusion 9 or Natron.

I used the paid Fusion version for years.
Natron is much like Nuke, but both are powerful VFX tools where you can create fantastic VFX plates and later add to your ShotCut time line.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, I’ll try and check it out later.

Sorry, I did not post the complete Blackmagic Fusion 9 (free version) link, here it goes.

As usual, you can find many youtube tutorials for both tools (Fusion or Natron).

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