Super Basic Mode Or Playground Mode

This personally is a really helpful suggestion for those who are just starting to video editing and shotcut too, A basic starter option like “Start with the basic UI (or playground mode) to learn Video Editing. You can always change it later” (With Yes and No as option, obviously) would be nice for the extreme newbies who want to learn from scratch, something like pop out bubbles would be helpful to explain smaller things, and larger things could be explained in a faded window (below in the screenshot) and a next and skip option with them.

First limiting to 1 track for training and then making unlimited tracks available will also help them when they switch softwares to make them comfortable with limited tracks.

A example video will help to experiment things, which makes it more comfortable for them to test out things in the software.

There are many things that I could mention, but just implementing the above would be almost enough for most.

Faded window for larger explanation