Suggestion: Scale filter be made more obvious?

I’ve been using SC for a year, but only today realised there is a “scale” filter - but it’s “hidden away” within the Rotate filter.

May I make a suggestion that the rotate filter could be renamed “Rotate and Scale” or something like that? I thik that would be useful for users who are looking for a filter to zoom in their videos without applying rotation.
Regards, Jon

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There is also Size and Position filter that does scaling, and I think most people understand “size” just fine. In the future there will be search for the filter chooser to help find things by alternate names (keywords). In the meantime, yes, for next version I will rename it as Rotate and Scale because there are definitely situations where it is nice to scale and automatically keep centered. (This filter is also a candidate to receive keyframes for next version.)

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Thanks so much, Dan. I do think that calling it Rotate and Scale is a good idea - during a project I did a while ago, I wanted to zoom in many clips, and I used the “crop” filter, which was fiddly. I never thought of going to the rotate filter! Also, the filter search idea sounds great, and I’m excited about the rotate/scale filter having keyframes soon. Thank you.

It’s the only filter that’s able to zoom to any other than the centre, so I use it for that.
It can be fiddly, ‘nudge’ arrows might help with that.

Sigh - nudge arrows are tiny and ugly! The nudge control is there though using mouse wheel or keyboard! Mouse wheel over the slider is greater increments than mouse wheel over the numeric field.
This applies to every parameter that uses that combination slider/numeric field.

Well that’s entirely subjective of course.

Yes I know this, hence my use of the word ‘might’. I’m sure there are many laptop uses where the touch pad doesn’t make this easy or even possible.

btw: Using the the mousewheel to incrementally move the ‘Right’ slider value causes a still image to skew (18.03 and 18.06.02.)

Dear users, the visual rectangle control in the Size and Position filter can be made larger than the video area to zoom in. To help with that, use the zoom button on the player to set zoom to 25% (next version adds a 10% level). Crop is not a good tool for this because you need to tease out the black bars it adds. As stated here, scaling in the Rotate is convenient when you want to keep the center. However, consider that most times that you zoom in center is not ideal, and you are not choosing the best region of interest.

But as already mentioned, the crop tool allows you to zoom to an object which is ‘off-centre’. I use this when mixing or using 4k footage.
Teasing out the black bars isn’t a hassle, just something you need to do.