Suddenly video quality issue?

Not sure what I did , what settings I changed. Can you please give me an idea?

all my videos now when put on track in shortcut have bad quality

see this

What are we looking at?
Is this a screen capture from your preview window in Shotcut or something else?
What Video Mode did you use?
What is your source video resolution?
Are you using Proxy/Preview Scaling?
What filters did you use?

It would be super helpful for you to do a screen capture of your entire shortcut window, showing all tracks, specifically clicking on this particular clip, showing the filter panel.

The more detailed information you provide, the faster we can help find solutions.

It is just inside shotcut and it seems it is because of my settings. I understand but if my video inside shortcut is not a good quality will it not effect on my let’s say Chroma filter that I need to work on it to fill up green screen?

Can you provide us the settings you used?

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