Succeded into compiling and installing MLT and shotcut to "$HOME/.local". But

I was trying to compile and install shotcut to “$HOME/.local”. I use Debian.

=== MLT ===

The first problem I encountered, was that an MLT version newer then the official Debian repo has available. Then, I realized I would have to compile and install MLT to “$HOME/.local”.

In order to compile and install MLT, I checked it out from the Git repo. And followed the instructions. I had to install lots of development libraries. I did so until I got rid of all “No package xxx” messages.

This is the output of cmake .:

– The following features have been enabled:

  • GPLv2
  • GPLv3
  • Module: avformat
  • Module: DeckLink
  • Module: Frei0r
  • Module: GDK
  • Module: JACKRack
  • Module: Kdenlive
  • Module: Normalize
  • Module: Oldfilm
  • Module: Movit
  • Module: Plus
  • Module: PlusGPL
  • Module: Qt
  • Module: Resample
  • Module: RtAudio
  • Module: Rubberband
  • Module: SDL1
  • Module: SDL2
  • Module: SoX
  • Module: vid.stab
  • Module: Vorbis
  • Module: XINE
  • Module: XML

– The following OPTIONAL packages have been found:

  • JACK
  • OpenGL
  • Freetype
  • Fontconfig
  • Qt5Core
  • Qt5Gui
  • Qt5Xml
  • Qt5Svg
  • Qt5Widgets
  • Qt5
  • SWIG

– The following REQUIRED packages have been found:

  • Threads
  • PkgConfig
  • X11

– The following features have been disabled:

  • Tests
  • Doxygen
  • Module: NDI
  • Module: OpenCV
  • SWIG: C#
  • SWIG: Java
  • SWIG: Lua
  • SWIG: Node.js
  • SWIG: Perl
  • SWIG: Python
  • SWIG: Ruby
  • SWIG: Tcl

– Configuring done
– Generating done
– Build files have been written to: /home/andre/repositorios/mlt

The only concern I have is SWIG: Python not being enabled.

Then, I compiled and installed it to $HOME/.local. I don’t remember the arguments I passed to cmake to have it installed to this local directory.

=== Shotcut ===

The hard part was figuring out how qmake works. :frowning:

I ended up with this:

qmake -d “PREFIX=$HOME/.local/” “QMAKE_CFLAGS += -I $HOME/.local/include/mlt-7 -I $HOME/.local/include/mlt-7/mlt++” “QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -I $HOME/.local/include/mlt-7 -I $HOME/.local/include/mlt-7/mlt++” “QMAKE_LFLAGS += -L $HOME/.local/lib”

When I set up “include paths” the way I find “proper”, qmake gives lowest precedence to it :slight_smile: . For that reason, I used things like QMAKE_CXXFLAGS.

Also, make install does not work in the root directory, because the Makefile target install_qmfiles generated byqmake does not respect the variable PREFIX.

So, to install it, I just went to src/ and typed

$ make install

And IT WORKED!!! :sweat_smile:

=== Executing it ===

To execute it, I used

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$HOME/.local/lib" “$HOME/.local/bin/shotcut”

And IT WORKED!!! :sweat_smile:

=== BUT… :frowning: ===

Nothing appears on the timeline. :frowning:
Not even the buttons. Only the word Timeline and an empty widget. No buttons, no context menu… :frowning:
The other widgets seem okay, though.

When I drag a clip from the playlist to the timeline, the console shows

[Debug ] TimelineDock::dragEnterEvent true

However, the mouse pointer becomes :no_entry_sign:, and I cannot drop it. When I open an MLT file which already has things on the timeline, nothing appears on the timeline.

$ git pull
Already up to date.

What could it be? Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

I have checked out git has 9e4ae4ba533b2a1be2255c47bc61e749cb715ccd, and the problem persisted. Then, I checked out 77521f4c9e28b34cf52aa200295595b9c1d3b298, and the problem disappeared!

So, I guess it is a bug somewhere in between. I will check later.

It was this big commit here:

But I guess people are already working on it. Maybe I am not supposed to branch from HEAD…

No HEAD is fine and current; you need to run qmake again.

I imagined HEAD should be fine. You would have noticed! :slight_smile:

Re running qmake does not do the job. I did uninstall and distclean.

Maybe, my Qt libraries are “old”. That’s okay. I will just keep working on the old version and hope it magically starts working in a few days. :smiley:

Sorry for bothering you with this!

That particular commit added a dependency on QtQuick.Shapes. Maybe you are missing that. For hints, Look for QML error messages in your console log when you run Shotcut.

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