Subtitles on road map

I was looking at the road map and see that number 23 is subtitles. What is the feature in mind for subtitles specifically? Is it to make subtitling easier on Shotcut? Or is it to be able to work with subtitle files like .srt, .ass, .ssa, etc in Shotcut? There are video encoders out there that can take in subtitle files and burn them onto a video when it is rendered. It’d be nice if Shotcut was capable of this too. Is that being considered?

It was put on the road map simply as a checkmark item without as much thought as you put into your question. So whenever someone asks anything about subtitles I can say “it’s on the road map.” I do not want to discuss it any further at this time.

You can add subtitles to videos with shotcut using the Overlay HTML filter. It’s discussed in this thread.

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