Stutter after opening a saved project file with a transition (windows 10)

If I open a saved project file with a transition in it, the video and audio will stutter. This causes shotcut to be unusable. My PC has an i3 6100 and 8gb of ram so that’s not the problem. I need help asap.

Do other video editors fair better on your PC?

I have the same problem my laptop is brand new and works fine with other editors but when ever i open up my file it chops at the start and while going through transitions

i found out that after exported it the video will not studder so the best way to get it the way you wont is to export tests and modifiy them until you like what you have.

I’m using a brand new pc, and my old one with a worse cpu didn’t come across this problem. As for other video editors, I have not tried any others yet.

Hi, sometimes I also have stutter problems while editing a video. Between the clip transition (no effects just a cut from a clip to another) it pauses for a few miliseconds and I cannot relate this with anything thing. In some video editing it does and in others it doesn’t. The exported video is always ok.