Stuck video After latest update 21.01.29

WIN 10 updated

Shotcut version 21.01.29 64-bit

After the latest update:
When import of a mp4 clip with 600 MB sound is ok and visible in the timeline but the running movie is not shown, only a frozen picture. When playing stopps only the pic at this position appears ?

Seems a laggin problem to me…
Do you use proxy editing? If not try it and set a preview resolution to some smaller size.
This might help a lot.

I have not experienced this problem. Did you use the exact same clip without this problem in a previous version of Shotcut?
Please send the details of your MP4 using Properties > menu > More Information.

Thanks for answering, no this is a new task, done only with the latest update. It happenes only with some mp4 files and is repeatable. I have not changed the settings in shotcut.

Just playing e.g. with vlc looks normal

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