Strange Project End Time Behaviour

I have a project that i have created. Timeline shows it ends at 35 minutes, however the actual project time shows 40 minutes.

I have tried clipping at the end of all the tracks, there are 5, 2 video and 3 audio. But it keeps playing a sound file i inserted earlier in the project. I can select anything on the timeline after 35 minutes. but when i scrub forward i can hear the music.

What could be the issue?

A very thin clip? Even if you zoom in a lot a 1 frame clip might be easy to overlook. Especially if you do 60fps stuff or something.

how can 1 frame result in 5 minutes?

I have muted every stream visible in the project and it is still playing.

If it has a 4 minute, 59 second, 29 frame space right before it.

I don’t think it does because, the timeline on top of the project, the one that scrubs along depending on where you are playing has no numbers on it either.

I don’t know what it is but i edited the mlt file with notepad and found the producerid and deleted it and it seems to have now resolved it. But the rest of the producer ID is still there only the entry i have deleted.

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