Strange interface

When I opened up a particular mp4 video to edit it in Shotcut I get this:

I’m not sure why this happened, I can’t drag it down to the timeline nor can I even export it.

Properties window, Track is “None.” Can you select the track from the dropdown box?


So I have selected the track no.1 (1920x1080 h264) in Properties but it still hasn’t changed much.

Does the source file play properly in a media player?

Ah sorry for my late reply. And yes, the source file plays properly (at least on VLC Media player), just like any of my other source files from my observations.

More information please. You didn’t say explicitly whether the file plays or not in Shotcut. We can only infer that it does not. Do you have any other similar files that behave the same in Shotcut? What OS? I don’t have any source files that have a Frame rate of 60. So, I don’t know if Shotcut can properly play your file in the Player window. I just recreated according to your photo with a recent mp4 from Shotcut but my framerate is 29.97 and it plays perfectly.


Very well I’ll try my best to explain.

The OS I’m is using Windows 10 (64-bit).

Booting it up recently (ie. an hour or so) in Shortcut, I can only hear the audio of the file playing in the background but I can’t see the actual video preview in the Player window (I think I was able to see the video preview of that file a while ago but now I can’t).

I’ve had other source files created before and after that problematic file similarly to each other; namely similar bitrate, identical 1080p resolution, identical 60fps framerate and same codecs (H.264, MPEG-4 AVC) according to Properties and they all play perfectly in Shotcut (audio can be heard and the video preview can be displayed) as well as being able to drag them down to the timeline to do with whatever I please. So here’s what my usual/expected scenario would look like:

However, I have noted that those other source files all have the format “yuv420p” while my problematic source file I tried to play (shown in the photo of my first post) didn’t display a format.


Yes, the extra information helps greatly. And I think you may have supplied the answer. If you absolutely want the video footage for editing in Shotcut you may need to use a more versatile video converter such as Handbrake. The utility MediaInfo can give you full disclosure of the video and audio in your files. I suggest using Handbrake to convert your mystery file to the yuv420p arrangement (luma, chroma, etc). Mind you color space conversions can result in the loss of some color information. Try it and see.