Strange behavior in configuring hardware encoding

Cpu: i5-3570S (Ivy Bridge)
Gpu: (integrated) HD Graphics, driver version
Os: Windows 10 Enterprise N 2016 LTSB
Shotcut version: 23.09.29 (portable)

Hi Everybody,

using Shotcut I encountered some strange behavior in configuring hardware encoding (detecting mode).

In version 23.09.29 (portable for Windows 10 & 11) message is “Nothing found” while in version 22.12.21 (always portable but last version to support Windows 7 & 8) h264_qsv is supported.

Instaling Shotcut all other versions (always portable), including the most recent 23.11 beta, the result does not change except for version 23.04 beta where also h264_qsv is supported.

What does this behavior depend on?

Thank you.

It depends on the hardware, driver, a library provided by Intel, and ffmpeg. The Intel library was updated to add support for their Arc cards and av1. I suspect this might have dropped support for old hardware or drivers. It works on my system with i7-8559U and another with Arc A380.

I will not be downgrading this library, but you can choose to use the older version that works if you absolutely feel the need to use hardware encoding, which frankly on early hardware is mediocre quality.

Notice it says “back to BDW (Broadwell),” which is 5th generation. The Specifications on this other page confirms it.

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