Strange Audio Behaviour

Not sure if a bug as I could not replicate it.

Simple edit of 4 minute video which I needed to trim the start and finish and boost the volume.

After adding to the timeline I found the audio was out of sync with the video (This sometimes is the case with the recordings I get).
So split the audio and adjusted the relative positions.

The audio was also badly distorted - clipped / echoing.
I exported the audio to edit separately in audacity as it was so bad. To my surprise the audio was fine, just a bit quiet.
I did a test export of the video and the audio sounded fine, but was out of sync.

I re-edited the video keeping the audio with the video and this export was fine, even though the preview still sounded bad and out of sync.

I closed shotcut and reopened the mlt file and preview and export was now working fine.

So a strange one and I could not replicate it.

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I had a weird one too this morning… Snapping stopped working. I had to re-start Shotcut to make it work again.

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