Stops responding when trying to open a file, but ok when opening from recent list

Windows 11 build 2200

Shotcut 22.04.25 _ 64 bit

After reloading W11 OS from the cloud, Shotcut works perfect until I try to use Open File menu, then it freezes, but works fine on a file that is already in the Recent File menu. Procedure is: try to open file, it freezes, close Shotcut with task manager, reopen Shotcut, file is now in recent file menu and edits fine

Usually this happens when a network drive mount is not responding and is a windows problem with its file dialog. Otherwise, I am not able to reproduce it.
As a workaround try dragging a file from explorer into Shotcut.

What does that mean exactly?

I reinstalled windows 11 from the microsoft cloud.
Also I always get this error when it freezes:
[Debug ] LeapNetworkListener::onDisconnected Disconnected from Leap Motion
[Debug ] LeapNetworkListener::onError Leap Motion WebSocket error: “Connection refused”

your solution worked - thank you, but is that error significant?

Those messages are normal and unrelated. I will not be able to fix the problem with how the file dialog works on Microsoft cloud. The file dialog is a so-called “native” dialog that belongs to Windows (we do not make it).

Ok thanks, doing it like you said works just as well anyway