Start point End Point "Move the Green and RED bar?

Hi there,

I can’t find it on google or workout how you move the Green bar and Red bar to “Trim the End points” NOT Split or increase or decrease a video length?

Here it is at the 1:35 mark???

It always move the size of the video and not the green or red bar?
Shift, Alt or Control has no effect and Shift i does not work either?

So how do you do it please?

If you want to trim the filter you need to use the key frame panel.


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How do I activate Key Frame panel?
It appeared in writing in a box over the “Play” button and clicking on it did nothing?
Eventually went away…

Edit: I see now via clicking Keyframes at the top of screen.
This makes my layout disappear and Keyframes only appear?

To get back to my layout is the only way to View—>Restore default layout?
Edit: View and click on Keyframes returns my default layout
How do I get Key Frames to appear next to other Video links on Master?

Un-dock the key frames panel. Click the icon with the red dot.


Then dag the panel and drop it next to the timeline panel.

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