Stable release

I wonder if the frequency of ShotCut releases impact upgrading my course that features ShotCut.

I’m considering re-releasing a video demonstrating how to use video editing to share a student’s family history. I created and published the initial video on Udemy using and demonstrating Shotcut under Release 20.02.17. TheShotCut editor has changed significantly since then.

As such, if I do decide to proceed, I am looking at rescripting, reshooting and replacing the nearly 2/3 of the course that demonstrates ShotCut. (And, now that I have quite a few more wrinkles, the head-shots as well).

A non-trivial effort. How concerned should I be that, going forward, my re-released course would be vulnerable to changes as significant as those between release 20.02.17 and 21.12.24?

Maybe a look at the RoadMap will give you a hint :wink:

That’s a pretty long to-do list.

There has been significant changes in that time period. To learn of all of the changes, you can read about all of them here. Knowing what has happened in that time span along with @MusicalBox 's post with the Roadmap may give you an idea of what you may be missing from that older version.

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