Stabilize - Premiere vs Shotcut

When comparing the same clip stabilized in Premiere vs Shotcut, Shotcut’s result is wavy where Premiere’s result is as expected.

I’ve tried several variations of settings on the Stabilize filter with the same jittery / wavy result.

  1. Is a “Premiere vs Shotcut Stabilization” comparison fair, or am I comparing apples to oranges?

  2. What settings can I use in Shotcut to get a similar result to Premiere?

Again, I’ve tried several setting variations, but I may be missing something - I really want to use Shotcut, so instead of poking around all day, I figured I’d ask here to see if anyone had any suggestions. It’s possible the results won’t compare to eachother, so that could also be the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Shotcut uses vid.stab. Most people seem to be very happy with it.

Hey - I assume you’re the Shotcut guy given your name - if so, thank you for all your hard work (and others too), it advances the whole community.

If I turn ‘shakiness’ and ‘accuracy’ to 100%, then leave ‘zoom’ at 0 and set ‘smoothness’ to 4 then I get a similar result.

Premiere’s default values also produce a wavy result - I turn Smoothing down until it’s not wavy anymore. I’m doing the same thing in Shotcut - but the result seems to be less smooth overall…

Is it possible Premiere is using a similar library, but going over it twice? I noticed Premiere takes much longer - 20 minutes vs Shotcut’s 2 or 3.

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You could probably test that theory by stabilizing a video, exporting it, and then stabilizing it a second time.

No because the vid.stab is an open source license and Premiere is completely proprietary. However, they may both use ideas from papers published by video and computer graphics academia and professional researchers.

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