Splitting Audio Adds Pops/Clicks

Oops. You’re right. For some reason I was thinking about trimming the beginning of a clip instead of simply making a cut and then doing nothing with the cut.

I like this. Perhaps, if somebody defines a 5.1 surround project but wants to export a stereo version too, then downmix intelligence can get it there. (Maybe not as good as a human mastering engineer doing a dedicated mix, but still pretty good.) But today, if the export is switched to stereo and processing happens in stereo but all the pan and gain settings were designed for surround, then the export will be hopelessly messed up.

This is a time-honored technique.

When i worked in the music industry in Nashville in the days before digital audio, the final stage before sending a tape to the mastering lab was “ducking out the cuts”, copying the finished work to a new tape and with a deft motion of the hand on the fader dropping the gain momentarily at every “click” that came from a tape splice.

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