Split, cut, edition, save, how?

How to cut, edit and save, multiple videos at once? I have a 110MB video, I want to split it into 4 parts, edit them and save them separately, how do I do that?

Are you making a distinction between “split” and “edit”? Because it sounds like you just want to take one video and split it into 4 and export each of those 4 parts. But I don’t know if with writing also “edit” you mean do something else other than split into 4 parts.

  • Create 4 video tracks.
  • Put your video on V1.
  • Split it and move the 2nd part to the beginning of V2.
  • Split that and move the 2nd part to the beginning of V3.
  • Split that and move the 2nd part to the beginning of V4.
  • You can now edit each track separately, using the eye symbol of each track to switch it on or off.
  • Export each track in turn.

You may have to use V2 to V5 instead and put a color (black or white) clip on V1.

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Yes, each part will be edited. I just don’t know how to edit and save the four parts. Do I put one on each line? Do I select and save one at a time? I do not know how to do

Thanks. Why put a color video on V1? To export just select the video, one at a time?

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to. But if you have a problem, then try doing that.

I assume that when you say “save” you actually mean “export”. “Save” in Shotcut refers to the project file itself and not the rendering of your project as a video file.

An alternative workflow to what @Elusien suggested for exporting separately edited parts in one timeline:

  • Place your video file on one video track.
  • Split into the four parts.
  • Space out each of the four parts a bit from each other to separate them.
  • Start editing each of the four parts separately. If one part needs to have a longer duration then turn on the ripple button to move the other parts down the timeline. Here’s a demo of what I mean.
  • When you are done with all your editing, create a range marker for each of the four parts and select them one by one in the Export menu to render them out separately from each other. More info on Markers and Ranges here:

Got it, I’ll do it, my shotcut is mad at me, and he doesn’t want to open it at all. I will uninstall and install again.

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