Spin Transition

It would be great if you added this transition as preset in the new update


You know, you can create/save your own presets for almost every filters in Shotcut with this button:

After you made the transition once, following @bentacular’s tutorial, create presets of the SP&R and the Blur filters of each clip. You’ll be able to reuse them any time you want in the future.

Here are the presets I saved for this particular transition:


  • When you apply a saved preset, make sure the playhead is at the first frame of the clip.
  • If you created a preset for a clip that is 10 frames long for example, make sure you reuse it on a clip with the same length (that’s why I specified 10fr in the names of my Spin transition presets). In some cases it’s not critical, but in other it is. Depending on the filter, the size of the video, the aspect ration and/or the frame rate may also have to be the same. So pay attention to that.
  • Give each preset a name that describe the preset as accurately as possible. Makes them easier to identify and find if you don’t use them often.

Example of the Spin Blur transition created in a few seconds using saved presets


If you don’t see the video, use this link: https://icedrive.net/0/d5CkKzvoFR


That is very clear and very clever @musicalbox. It’s helped me a lot! :+1:


Great pro tip!


@jonray, @bentacular, thanks!


Thanks, I will definitely try this out. Anyways, It would be better as preset, hence there would not be endeavor to adjust frames etc. :smiley:

I’ve never used multiple filters to create a transition. I’ve now done this and will probably use it in the future. Good idea @MusicalBox, thanks.

Because the preset is applied against the current filter and because the new preset is made of potentially multiple filters I wanted to make sure when I go back to the relevant filters I know which ones to use. I used the following naming conventions. I use the underscore so the preset will be at the top, saves me searching. I’ve also put the multiplication (star) sign next to which filter from where the preset generates from.

From rotate, size, pos filter:
_ Spin* Blur Transistion 10fr IN
_ Spin* Blur Transistion 10fr OUT

From blur filter:
_ Spin Blur* Transistion 10fr IN
_ Spin Blur* Transistion 10fr OUT

It just helps me if I don’t revisit the combined preset for a while (terrible memory here) then at least I know where to look.

I was thinking it would be nice if these presets could be created at filter level. This would allow presets made up of multiple filters to be listed in the top level, for example [Favourite, Video, Audio, User Presets]. Some development would be required on best approach for this. For example clicking the + on the Preset, would you have another menu of all filters that you could select from? Or would you create a preset as you currently do but if you save it with the same name it would “combine” all of those same named Presets as a single entity and add to the same-named-preset within User Presets?


I’m not sure how easy it would be to develop something like this but it gives an extra dimension to the filter / preset layout.


I made a suggestion here a few months ago about having the possibility of saving a combination of filters.
Like for the Spin blur transition mentioned above for example. The combination of SP&R and Blur could be saved as presets (one for the IN part one for the OUT part), and loaded when needed.

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Ahh yes, okay on your previous suggestion. Sauron’s work around achieves the desired result but as you say, the Save/Load buttons you describe would make the process quicker and more elegant.