Speed change problem


Since the last update when I change the speed the value I put change automatically. For example, when I enter 1.042497, the value changes to 1.042500.

Is this normal?

It is not new and not a bug. I verified it is the same behavior on versions 20.09, 21.03, and 21.05. It simply has a limited precision and must round. The extra decimal digit is displayed so that you can get use 5 decimal digits because with this field, if we remove it then you can only use 4 decimal digits and so on. It is a little weird numeric quirk. So, the last decimal digit 7 causes rounding on the next decimal digit 9, which makes the 4 round to 5.

Please, in the future before claiming something is a bug on an update, A) actually verify it against an older version and B) specify the version (“last update” is not reliable or accurate).