Special alphabetic characters

Hello everyone, question concerning the special alphabetic characters of the various languages.
In France we have special characters that W11 recognizes very well, but when using the W11 codes in SC to display them they are not displayed, do you have a solution for filters as “rich text and simple text”, or should I use an app like Gimp?
Thank you for your help.

This might not be an ideal solution, but you could try something like character map (which is included in Windows and some Linux distros by default) and copy them into Shotcut that way (imo that is a much better method than using a graphics program like GIMP).

Or, if you have certain special characters you use regularly, memorise their keyboard shortcut combination (but you might not like that last option since they are rather convoluted alt codes).

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@Epsilon85 Usually, for long text, I create it in Notepad or Word and copy/paste it into the text filter. Sometimes, for a single special character, I use the Windows Character Map described by @PoisonedSlice. I’ve pinned it to the Start menu.

@Epsilon85 Souvent, pour un texte long, je le crée dans Notepad ou Word et je le copie/colle dans le filtre texte. Parfois, pour un seul caractère spécial, j’utilise la table de caractères Windows décrite par @PoisonedSlice*. Je l’ai épinglé dans le menu Démarrer.

Merci de votre reponse et aide. Cordialement

Merci de votre conseil et aide. Cordialement

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