Southern France with a 35mm Film Color Grading - Some Audio Issues

This is using the Jason Bourne LUT I created (which you can find in the LUT download section of the forum) and has been further graded in shotcut. Added a low pass in addition to a gausian blur to create the 16mm “blurred glow” that appears in most films from the 70s-80s. Still needs further tuning.

Unfortunately been experiencing some audio syn/or noise when I did a cut to certain parts of the clip, for example at the 1:44 part of the video. Happens again at the 4:33 mark. I’m using the latest version of Shotcut. Audio clips are FLAC format. Videos are shot in 30fps. Any ideas what may be causing these sounds issues?


Does it happen in your original files? or just on youtube?

If it’s the later, then perhaps it’s a youtube problem? They are probably modifying the sound in some processing algorithm, I’m guessing. Who knows.

It’s not an issue with youtube as it happens in the editor and also after exporting the video. I checked the audio file as well, and the audio artifacts aren’t there either. Nor in the videos itself. It’s either something I’m doing wrong with the cuts, or a bug. But checked the edits and can’t see what the problem is. So not sure if it’s a bug or something else.


It could have been a bug

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There is a bug.
It’s on the windshield :slight_smile:


@OnWheelsAndWings Nice video, I like the color treatment.

I wonder if you can add filter lenses on your camera though. A polarized filter would help prevent objects like the dash from reflecting on the glass (windshield).


lol! Glad you like it. It’s nick on the windshield unfortunately. I need to get me some polarized filters indeed! Should definitively help with the reflections. And a microphone as the inbuilt mic isn’t cutting it. Cheers

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I’m rendering a different video and will see if this shows up again. Hopefully not bugs lol!

Hi there. i also have some audio artifacts multiple times (no crackling in the editor -but in the exported file) - and slight movement of on of the audio-tracks within shotcut solved it (I know, bad workaround).

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Cool! By slight movement of the audio track, what is it exactly you did? I’m still having issues, found a work around. Sometimes the audio problems show up, and other times they don’t. I think it’s definitively a bug.

yes, I just moved it a few frames to the right. that did it. But I like to know why. And yes, only some of my projects have this issue.

Interesting. In my case, it’s pretty much all my projects have this problem. I’m going to try your trick and see if it stops it.

What OS are you using btw?

It’s debian testing on a amd machine. With a cheap audiointerface from behringer. I’m on pipewire with wireplumber already (just in case this is of interest).
Good evening (here in central europe :))

Good evening there. At one time I thought this may have been due to me using an older version of windows (win 7). But if I remember well, I tried this on a windows 10 machine with an altogether different hardware, and still same thing.

And you’re on a Linux based system. So it’s not a operating system issue, it’s got to be something else.

It would be great to have this solved. Right now I’ve been editing the gain points in my audio clips creating curves to lower the volume and then raise it as needed. That way I don’t have to cut an audio clip.

Problem is, if I need to clip an audio to make it longer, like for example, a song. The other day I did just that, and I had to export the song multiple times until the noise just went away.

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