I have a problem with the soundtrack.
I edited with a soundtrack that I deleted and replaced it with another, the problem is that SC is playing both soundtracks.
So I saved the edit without the soundtrack and reopened it SC continues to play the soundtrack that no longer exists on the timeline.
What can I do to replace that soundtrack ?
Shotcut version 20.09.27 and W10


did you really separate the audio from the video? Select clip and right click on it and choose “detach audio”. Then delete the audio track.

Hello and thank you for your suggestion.
in fact in this montage I have two soundtracks one for the background music the other for the comments.
There are several commentary soundtracks depending on the pictures.
I wanted to change one of those commentary soundtracks and SC continues to play both commentary soundtracks.
So I saved the edit without the said soundtrack, then reloaded the edit, SC continues to play the soundtrack which no longer appears.
I tried to add a third soundtrack and shift the soundtracks visible on the new tracks, then try to use the initial soundtrack and detach the audio but SC does not recognize the existence of sound on this soundtrack .

Hmm - sounds wiered. Honestly i have no idea what really happened here. I had problems on another video editor with clips or soundtracks changed but having the same name. Might be the issue here as well. You can try changing the name in the used soundtracks, maybe it helps. Not sure how SC works here.

Santorin-Exemple.mlt (30.0 KB)
It’s not to understand anything, I just posted an example, on the example posted the sound has disappeared while it is not on the example saved on my computer

Did you delete audio files? Video files with audio? If you could name specific file names of the files that are not supposed to be there along with the other 2 mlt files you have in your project it would be easier to provide help.

Perhaps check the other 2 MLT files to see if the sound you don’t want is in those projects. The changes/work done in Santorin-Exemple.mlt will not change anything in the other 2 MLT’s.

The other 2 MLT files listed in your project are:

  • Clip-Apparution Volcan-02.mlt
  • Clip-Phases eruptives-12 secondes-02.mlt

Thank you for your reply,
I finally found the origin of the problem which is none other than me, because I loaded an MLT file as a clip without detaching the sound.
And sometimes SC does not offer power to detach audio from some files saved in mlt and reloaded as a file like a clip.
Thank you for your kindness.

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