Sounds overlayed over a song make click noise in the beginning and in the end

I’m completely new to Shotcut and video editing, I just made my second video ever. It went umm flawed. I tried to overlay some funny sounds over a song, but each sound cut is making annoying click in the beginning and in the end! I don’t know what to do, I’ve been trying to fix it for 5 hours, and failed.

I tried to normalize audio tracks, normalize those sounds in audacity, I downloaded 5 minutes of silence file and wrapped it around the sounds. But I can still hear those clicks! The problem is I have 2 audio tracks, one is for the song and another one is for the sounds, because I don’t know how to include sounds into audio track that is already filled with the song.
Here’s what I tried: (song is on another track, 5min of silence is just silence)
Here’s the video itself:
Timecodes for clicking sounds: 0:53 1:11 1:20 3:10

Please, help me :slight_smile:

Hi, I heard the clicks in the sound track where you said thy would be. I cannot tell you why they are there without looking at your project but most likely because of the sound clips that you added. I am trying to say that most likely the clicks are already in the clips that you have added and haven’t been produced by Shotcut. Regardless, to get rid of them the easiest way I can think of is to add two audio filters to each sound clip: audio fade-in and audio fade out. That should take care of removing those unwanted clicks.

If you know how to edit audio then you should realize that Shotcut is not the best tool for that. It works fine for simple mixing and trimming but more complex processing is better be done in another program, preferably an audio editor similar to Audacity and then use the processed clips in Shotcut. That’s my suggestion. Hope it helps.

Try to add super short audio fade in/out, like 1-2 frames long.

I’ve noticed this too with audio I’ve recorded myself. On one occasion I trimmed a sliver off to remove the part that was clicking, and that created a new click further into the clip. I couldn’t remove any more without losing the good audio. I won’t be doing that again.

I could have just re-imported the mp3s I suppose, but they’d undergone a lot of tweaking by that stage.