Sound Track

Can someone help me please
I cannot display the variations of it on the soundtrack, I tried to display everything in the Scopes section without success, my soundtrack with version 06.21.29 remains neutral, it is however practical for the settings sound.

I’m sorry, it isn’t clear what you are trying to say. If you take a screenshot of your Shotcut window it may give us a better idea.

Je suis désolé, ce que vous essayez de dire n’est pas clair. Si vous prenez une capture d’écran de votre fenêtre Shotcut, cela peut nous donner une meilleure idée.

Exemple.mlt (4.1 KB)

Exemple.mlt (4.1 KB)
Uploading: Exemple.mlt…
As you can see the sound track is flat, no variation, no indication where sound start or stop but sound is working properly.
Thank you.


On ne peux pas voir votre problème, puisque les fichiers que vous utilisez dans ce projet ne sont pas inclus.
Est-ce que vous parlez de la forme d’onde audio ? Elle ne s’affiche pas sur le clip audio ?

We can’t see your problem, as the files you use in this project are not included.
Are you talking about the audio waveform? It is not visible on the audio clip?



To further explain what MusicalBox is eluding to, which is also my guess as well.

In English check for the setting : Show Audio Waveforms. (Sorry I don’t know the French translation)

I’m just guessing this may be the issue since we don’t have a screenshot of your Shotcut window.

Is this what you mean for Soundtrack?
It does look flat on my screenshot because I don’t have your media file.

With my audio file, the waveforms show.


It seems that my answer did not appear on the forum.
Thank you, Hudson55, Musical box and Elusien for your help.
I missed my search, instead of looking in the timeline I was stupidly stubborn in the setting.
Thanks again for your help.

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