Sound not in sync with video

Hey guys, so the problem is this:

I edit a video in Shotcut, all is well. Then, whenever I render the video, everything seems to go smoothly. Afterwards however, when I have the finished mp4 file, the microphone input is out of sync with the rest of the video.
The video starts off fine, with no delay between voice and footage. After about half way through, it gets out of sync, and it only happens after I rendered the video. It looks fine in the preview in Shotcut what can i do about this?

One cause for this symptom can be source files that are not easy for Shotcut to seek. Variable framerate sources, for example, can be difficult. Can you provide information about the source of your clips?

As an experiment, you can try to use the “Convert to edit friendly” feature in Shotcut. After the source is converted, hopefully Shotcut can work with it better.

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It can also come from the material on which the file is played back.
I have this problem too. The sound is synchronized in SC, once exported in mp4, it is synchronized in reading on the computer, but copied on a USB key the sound is shifted in reading on my TV.

the source is native 1920 by 1080 with 60 fps

Please try the “Convert to edit friendly” feature in Shotcut

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