Sound Issue (won't play in adjusted volume)

I’m having an issue with a large project file.

I like to manually adjust the sound to be consistent throughout my video. I was about halfway through adjusting the sound when all of a sudden the sound wouldn’t play at the volume I had set it to. Every time I restart shotcut it will reset to play at the corrected gain but as soon as I make a change (a cut, lock a track, or add a filter to a clip) it will go back to playback at the source volume level.

I have had this problem before but not so bad that it happens every time I open shotcut.

I am using version: 180814


Please describe how you are doing that some more. To what things (clips, tracks, Master) do you attach audio filters, which audio filters, and are you using keyframes?

I exclusively use the gain filter to control sound. On some clips I use keyframes (to normalize erratic audio clips) on others I with use a gain feature without keyframes (for consistently loud or quiet audio).

Also I adjust the gain on clips only. I didn’t know you could adjust the gain on an entire tracks/Master, I will have to look into that.

I just checked the Master & Tracks to make sure I didn’t accidentally add any filters to them (since I didn’t know that functionality existed). Stoked to have a new tool!

If you export does the problem also exist in the output, or does this only occur while previewing in the app?

Not sure, I hope to finish editing and will report back.

I haven’t exported the video yet but I noticed that it the sound issue is not occurring when I only add new gain filters. But only when I lock a track or split a clip. Then I can restart Shotcut to get it to give me a proper preview again. Also I use the audio loudness display and that also reads the source file db level when this error occurs…

:frowning: the exported version has the same problem. I am going to try exporting again after a fresh restart of shotcut.

It is very strange that you say locking a track can trigger the problem because that is a superficial change and does not touch upon edits or filters. I need to figure out how to reproduce it, and I want to be sure that locking a track really it is a trigger. Are you absolutely certain? Are you sure you are not accidentally disabling a filter by clicking the checkbox or double-clicking in the Filters panel?

You can upload your project file, and I will take a look. Zip it if you want.

Sure I can upload the project file. Do you need all the source files? If so that might be difficult.Beater Bronco Episode 4rA.mlt (486.0 KB)

I opened shotcut, played a preview (playback was correct). Next I locked an audio track (no other changes), then the preview played back at source volume.

I did the same think and split a video track (no other changes) and got the same result.

Ok, so I exported the file after restarting and the output file had the correct sound levels. It took so long to verify because I wasn’t done editing and had to restart the program every time I made a change. Also since it is such a big file it took a long time to export. For now I will just keep an eye on it and report back if I continue to have the problem on future projects.

So I have been traveling for work and my server isn’t setup yet so I couldn’t test the new version of shotcut until now. But version 18.09.16 fixed my issue! I am very relieved, so many hours into this video.

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