Sound Has Disappeared

I’m nearly done editing my project when suddenly, all sound is visible on the timeline, but no longer audible- the peak meter doesn’t move, nothing.

Before it is asked:
No, the tracks aren’t muted
Yes, the volume slider on the playback window is set to 0
The video mode is set to automatic
The audio is set to stereo

Literally, everything has been fine for days and now it doesn’t play any of the audio at all- and it’s really frustrating to occur at the end of working on a project. Could someone help me with this, please?

Shotcut version 19.12.31
Windows 10

You have at least one filter on Master in the top left of your timeline. What are those filters?

Ah! Brilliant! That was it- I’ve never actually used the Master before and seem to have accidentally pasted some filters in there without realizing. Once I removed those filters, everything’s back. Thank you so much, you’re a life saver!

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