Sound Bug after v18.07 Update

Hello! i did the update today and now my Sound is buggy when i click play
is there anything i can do to fix this problem?
here is a quick video so u can see/hear what i mean ^^

Can’t reproduce this without knowing more about your audio stream properties.
Have you applied any filters?
I’ve tried several videos and audio files without hearing any problems with the audio in 18.07.

I get the same effect. 3 mp4 imported from a sony a6000 and 48khz mp3 for audio.
Have muted video clips as I replace the audio with mp3.
I have gone back to using 18.03 for the filter copy and paste function and that plays fine without audio glitches.
Windows 10 i5 6gb ram

I can confirm the bug. 18.07.02

Don’t have to add an audio track, just have two video tracks, one muted. Works fine with one V1, A1, A2. Bug is with V1, V2 with either one muted.
Hide (eyeball) either track, audio works great.
I even used just the same video, just took a clip from it, and put it on V2.

  • Fix: Enable Compositing on V2. (at least this worked for me with just V1, V2 with no audio tracks, one video file.

File Properties

Back to 18.03 [again] then.

It is just preview stutter as far as I can tell so far. When you “Hide (eyeball) either track” then you are reducing the workload because it disables compositing. Compositing is heavier now due to some alpha compositing fixes. I will see what I can do to improve its performance.

thought it was just my slow laptop, but it looks like a real thing (new).

Linux, i5. export has no issues.

This is almost always the case. Stuttering in Shotcut is common, especially when working with filters which are applied ‘on-the-fly’ as you review the clip. Once exported, the effects are baked-in and no longer being rendered on the fly.

I should mention that this fix is when the Size and Position or Rotate and Scale filters are active - not general track compositing. However, there is another change to facilitate audio scrubbing when stepping playback frame-by-frame, scrubbing, or skimming that could have caused some increased stuttering sound when the preview is going to be choppy due to processing overhead. I will do some testing around that.

I am getting the exact same audio issue. Just installed this update yesterday, and immediately began getting the stuttering audio. Only filter added so far is Video fade in. Only 1 video track.

Any soutions? Or should I roll back to previous version?

Same issue - even occurs if only audio is running for me.

I have the same audio jitter issue with 18.07.02. It sounds worse than the normal stuttering from frame dropping during a preview and it happens with any project. I’m using .mp4 files from a Sony a6000 and some .mp4s converted to fixed frame rate .movs from my phone.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to do any video work for a couple of weeks and today was my first opportunity to sit down and get to grips with all the new Key-frame features in 18.07 which would make my work alot easier and smoother.
Alas it is not to be. This sound bug makes the kind of work I do impossible, so it’s back to 18.06.02 and no complex motion or rotate filters for me yet :frowning:
I hope we find a fix soon because I was SO looking forward to the new features - I even held back finishing a couple of sequences because I’d have been able to do the animations in SC rather than 3rd party software.

This bug was fixed for the forthcoming v18.08 release.


Thank you Dan. Can’t wait to get my mitts on it.

I have the same sound issues. when adding to a video clip with no sound. I am adding an MP3 file that was pre recorded.
I have also attempted to record a voice over for a similar clip and the audio stops recording and becomes static.

I see from above a fix is due, when is 18.08 due for release please.

Dan has mentioned elsewhere that it is due for release August 1st.

That’s great thank you.

I will say i managed to export the project and the sound works ok, it was only while in the time line and building the project the sound was bad.