"Some problems in your project" with Ubuntu/AppImage


I’m running Shotcut under Ubuntu 16.04 as an AppImage. Every time I launch it and open any previous projects (MLT files), shotcut complains with the “Shotcut noticed some problems in your project” dialogue box. I have opened the MLT file and found that there are references to the temporary folder where Shotcut mounted its file tree in a previous session (execution), as shown:

<property name="resource">/tmp/.mount_ShotcuJcVfyd/usr/bin/share/shotcut/qml/filters/webvfx_clip/filter-clip.html</property>

My workaround consists of:

  1. Open each MLT with a text editor (gedit or so) and search for all “/tmp/.mount_Shotcu…”
  2. I create a “filters” folder in my projects’ folder and copy the file tree of each filter under it
  3. Remove all occurrences of “/tmp/.mount_Shotcu…/…/shoucut/qml/” (notice the ending slash)
  4. Save the MLT with a new name, in order to keep the original just in case of disaster

Now the references in my projects look like:
<property name="resource">filters/webvfx_clip/filter-clip.html</property>

I only need to do that when I use a new filter in a project.

Now, my suggestion to developers is that all references were made in terms of a special variable, say “MNTPOINT”, so they would look like:

<property name="resource">$MNTPOINT/usr/bin/share/shotcut/qml/filters/webvfx_clip/filter-clip.html</property>

When loading an MLT file, Shotcut could replace “$MNTPOINT” by the actual value of the point where the tree got mounted in the session.

Please be so kind to correct my workaround and/or suggest any other(s).

Happy Shotcutting

I noticed this problem, which is actually a regression bug, on March 15 and fixed it for the next version 20.04. It did not only affect AppImage.

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