[Solved!] Queuing up two renders with different timeline contents at once

Hey there!

I’ve been doing some video projects where I create em with two different voice tracks. The files are large and take an hour or three to render, so it’s often an overnight thing, and what I’d love to be able to do is set the one with Track A to render, then queue up the one with Track B so it’ll pick up immediately soon as A is done. Is this a thing I can do? Can I, eg, set up the Track A version to render, then modify the timeline to contain Track B instead, queue that up, and expect A to finish successfully?

Hopefully that’s clear enough–thanks!

Yes. You can think of it like taking a snapshot of your project when you export, so it doesn’t matter what you do after you have started the export since any changes you make to your project will not affect that snapshot.

Excellent! That’s me solved, thanks!

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