[SOLVED] Black background when using "Size and Position" and "Rotate and Scale"

So, I’ve searched for this problem and I’ve seen many people complaning about it, but none of the answers people gave helped me, so hare I am!
I was editing a video and everything was going fine. I put the size and position filter and it worked perfectly. However, Shotcut crashed and closed on its own.
When I opened it again, there was a black background where there should be the videos below the png image on the track at the top. But the weirdest thing is that the videos appear only if I “show” the track at the very bottom. And I can’t delete the video on it either. Otherwise it all will be black.

Idk if this is a thing about Shotcut, but it’d never happened to me before.

Anyways, I edited the hole video with the bottom track on “showing” mode and I couldn’t delete any part of the video in that track. It was working fine until the moment I had to put two videos side by side using Rotate and Scale and I couldn’t because the video at the very bottom stopped showing.

Also, the properties on track 1 don’t show the “blend mode” as it does on track 2… I don’t know why…
As I said before, I’ve seen a lot of posts like this in the forum and I still couldn’t figure this out. Can someone help me?

That’s the purpose of that button. If you turn it off it hides the track and you won’t see it. The button to the left of it does the same thing but for audio.

Well, if you cut a section out of the timeline and there is nothing underneath then there is nothing to see so it will be all black. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because it’s the first video track. There is nothing for it to blend with because blending is done with the tracks above and blends with the video tracks below.

By the way, what version number of Shotcut are you using and what are the specs on your computer? Have you watched tutorials on how to use Shotcut?

Since everything composites onto or blends with track V1, it must be visible for most projects with multiple video tracks.

No! Hahahahahal All videos in all the other tracks ONLY appear if I “show” the video on track 1. The other tracks are on showing mode but it’s all black, as I show on the picture.

I downloaded the newest version of Shotcut today because I was hoping there would be no more bugs…

This is what is happening:

The video on V1 is not showing. It only shows if I hide the video on V2.

If the videos have the same resolution, you have to do something to the video on top to make it show a video below/underneath. You can add a filter that changes its size or changes its transparency or opacity. You are pointing to a black area of the video image. If you try to make black transparent, it might parts that are black in the left side transparent as well. Maybe you want to crop out the right side of the video on top.

But now it is centered and you want it on the left, add the Size and Position filter:

I have already done that. The video in V2 is cropped. I think I’m doing something wrong…

Alright! I did exactly what you said and it worked! I used the “Crop: Source” and put it on top of Size and Position. Thank you!

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Did you set the Alpha channel to 1 for the padding color of the crop-filter?

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