[SOLVED] Audio filter not correctly applied in exported video

I’m new to Shotcut. I was enjoying the results of my first video editing when I saw that my audio filter («Gain/Volume») was not applied in the exported video after reaching around 1 minute 49 seconds, until the end of the video. It is correctly applied until then.
If I play the project in Shotcut, the filter is correctly applied, so it does not look like I’m using the feature incorrectly, but I’m of course not sure.

I may add that I have only one video track (a compilation of MOV files embedding video and audio, on which I apply the audio filter) and one audio track (a wav file).
I use «images clefs» to graphically define the shape of the filter. I’ve positionned 13 points.
I’m on Windows 7 64 bits, using Shotcut 19.02.28.

Any help appreciated.

Can you share a picture of your timeline full view, including track headers, of the wav file selected showing the filter.
If you applied Keyframes, can you show your Keyframes window?
Any other audio filters applied on your MOV files?

Please find the pictures below. I’m not sure to have caught all the information you requested. Let me know if something is missing.

timeline :

(next image in another reply)

keyframes :

Please note that I have added a point around 1 min 49 s to see if it changes something, but with no luck.

Are you changing the resolution or frames/sec in Export > Advanced? If so, try not doing that.

I have not touched anything in Export > Advanced BUT selected once «hardware encoder». I selected h264_amf randomly, but it failed to export an usable file (to me). So I unselected hardware encoding and have seen, after that, my CPU working hard to produce the videos.
Properties on the MOV files tell me that they are 25 fps, yuvj420p, 1920x1080.
Advanced properties on export are set by default and left untouched to 25 fps, 1920x1080.

Please share your project file. If you do not want to in the thread, then through private message.

It’s amazing how fast you answer :slight_smile:

I just tried to send you a private message, but I’ve been told I can’t.
Please find the file attached, and I will delete it when you’ve got it.
[attachment deleted]

I am working on a Shotcut bug at the moment.

I have it now, and you can delete it.

<property name="level">00:00:32,520=-13,2331;00:00:33,320=-33,8795;00:00:34,760=-21,1674;00:00:41,560=-8,88889;00:00:42,560=0,155556;00:00:47,400=-2,65582;00:00:48,280=-35,7847;00:00:49,320=-11,9951;00:01:25,600=-7,35407;00:01:28,000=-23,561;00:01:49,600=</property>

In the project file the keyframes end at 01:49,600 with a missing value. There are 10 valid keyframes and the 11th one is invalid. Something became corrupt in the keyframes data model (a bug that is difficult to trace without steps). When you re-open the project, it should show only 11 keyframes. Remove the last one, and recreate the remaining ones. Then, when you save, you should be able to see all of the keyframes in the MLT XML (view it in a text or XML viewer). That worked for me.

Yes, thanks, that works for me as well.
I won’t be able to help on the data model corruption as I’ve no idea how it came to that. If it may help there are a few warnings in Track.qml about conversion from [undefined] to QString/int/bool/double.
Anyway, thanks again.

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