Snapping for 'Size and Position'-Borders

Will it be possible in the future to snap the box edges to the edges of the preview window? Maybe the box borders synonymous mutually snap to others?

This already exists in the player Grid control image

But there are limitations:

  • If Size Mode in the filter is set to Fill, then the sizing is locked to aspect ratio and snapping typically cannot take control.
  • Position only snaps using the center dot and not the borders of the rectangle.
  • Snap on Y axis is not as strong as horizontal in my experience.

For me it’s the total opposite. The horizontal line basically has no snapping while the vertical does snap. I don’t know if that’s a bug or not.

Sorry, I meant the direction of motion while adjusting - not the grid lines. Moving a corner vertically is not snapping reliably to a horizontal line.

This was an easy fix for the next version 19.12


Thanks for reply and your informations.