Smooth audio loops

How can i join audio music instrumental loops smoothly?

As i can hear a jump or skip on each loop

This will probably have to be done with a different tool, like an actual audio editor. Free options are Audacity, Ocenaudio, Tracktion, and others. Then import the final result or looped extension back into Shotcut.

Shotcut only aligns audio at the frame rate level, not the audio sample level. That’s why it would be basically impossible to loop or align audio that wasn’t precisely synchronized to the frame rate. There would be a gap or an overlap due to a mismatch with the frame rate.

One common workaround is to put the audio on track A1 and another copy on A2, overlapping the end of A1 with the beginning of A2. Then add cross fades to smoothly transition from A1 to A2. Not all music is suitable to that trick, of course.

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