Smaller Files after Encoding pls! :)

I"d like to have smaller files after encoding.
The program is nice but this would be awesome additionally to have smaller files and to have still the same Quality before encoding had started.
The program has good features! Keep it up!

LG DerSimon

Ok, lets see if i can help.

To edit, your material (clips) should be encoded with a lossless codec.
One of these 3 is a good place to start:
intermediate/ProRes (mov).
lossless/FFV1 (AVI or MKV).
lossless/H.264 (mp4).
After all your original material is coded to one of these lossless formats, you can edit it till your fingers fall off.

When the time comes to render the final edited cinematic feature film, you must choose a delivery format, again, ShotCut offers some obvious options like:
H.264. BaseLine Profile / Main Profile / High Profile.
MPEG-4 (with mpeg4 codec).
HDV (select the flavor that fits your project).

Remember, each one of these delivery formats allows you to setup individually the final quality of the video and audio streams.
Of course, there are no miracles, the higher the quality the massive in MB the final file would be.


But I’ve retained the quality and the file size is still larger by 3-4 GB!

First of all, Why??
Secondly - not going to happen. To have smaller files something has to go.

Ok, DerSimon,

See this video and all should become crystal clear.
It certainly will hep you to decide how to best deliver your project (the codec and best settings).
I can “almost” tell you to use the H264 in the MP4 wrapper (but not the high profile).
Just see this video tutorial, for your own sake :wink:

Would be good to get a response from the OP.

Have you a better understanding now?

i think this is a case of “lost in translation”

meybe his issue is that his orginal file is the same as the h264 re-encoded file, aka same or higher bitrate?

I have now the H.265 Codec.
Now my quality is good and after rendering its a bit smaller the file (240mb to the H.264 Codec).
I had with the H.264 Codec a bitrate from about 8000. Now with the H.265 Codec it is with 5600 (and you must multiplier it with 3 to come to the H.264 Bitrate) and in H.264 it means that i would have 16800. The video is much better in quality and much better in the file size.
But i have a question. Why is Shotcut rendering my videos not to mp4? I must enter .mp4 behind every video to open the file.